La Vie en Couleur is proud to carry alternative paints to match your project needs.

Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is the professional paint for those who like to do it themselves, providing exceptional colour, coverage, and durability. Fusion™ Mineral Paint products go through rigorous quality control to ensure that there’s no separation or hardening in the container for 7 years. They’re also non-toxic and lead free — with no volatile organic compounds, ammonia, or formaldehyde. Visit Fusion Mineral Paint.

Cottage Paint

Cottage Paint products are the easy and inexpensive way to renew your furniture. When you want to get rid of the vintage or shabby look and fall back in love with your furniture, you can trust Cottage Paint will easy to use: no priming, no prepping, nor sanding is generally required. Visit Cottage Paint.

Discover Paints Inspiration

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closeup of a wooden staircase banister painted black

painted wooden fireplace mantel with small plants on top

slate grey painted wooden fireplace mantel on a dark purple painted wall

wooden brown painted kitchen cabinets with decorative items on the countertop below a painting

wooden display case painted white behind a kitchen table with a small vase on it